Thursday, June 3, 2010

Killer Bees control and extermination

Most wasps develop by feeding on insects. Bees develop on a diet of nectar or pollen.Almost all insect stings result from yellowjackets and an insect newly established in the state, the European paper wasp.Yellowjackets, hornets and paper wasps make nests of paper. Honey bees and bumblebees make nests of wax. Solitary bees and wasps nest in holes in the ground, rotten wood or natural cavities. Some wasps even make mud nests.

Ampm Exterminators provides bees exterminator, wasps control, yellow jacket control & hornet pest control Services in Seattle & Eastside regions of WA. Wasps and bees can be a serious nuisance problem throughout seattle, particularly late in the summer when certain yellowjacket wasps forage at garbage and outdoor food areas. In overall balance, however, these insects are beneficial in their activities, particularly as predators of pest insects and as pollinators. It is important to distinguish between the various wasps and bees because their potential as problems and their control differ.

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